Tampa Area Residents And Businesses Have Floor Care Experts to Maintain Floors

Tampa Area Residents And Businesses Have Floor Care Experts to Maintain Floors

Large expanses of floor need periodic maintenance to look their best. Most building and homeowners dread the process of cleaning, polishing, and otherwise maintaining floors such as vinyl, VCT, stone, ceramic, or travertine. The Tampa area has experts in floor care to call on such as AFC Floorcare. VCT Tile Strip and Wax Tampa services can save building owners hours of work. The result will be like new floors that make the whole interior look better.


Travertine Care


Travertine floors are beautiful when they are well maintained. But, once they are neglected, they don't look so good. Then it is time to call companies that do Travertine Restoration Tampa services and get it back to a new look. Once the travertine floors are stripped, repaired as needed, and polished, the building owner can take steps to keep the travertine floors looking better longer. Experts have some suggestions for travertine maintenance that can be helpful.


When washing these floors, do not use acid products. The only time to use acid is when an acid descaling agent is used to get rid of installation residue. Then it should be a buffered one. Otherwise, use patio pavers .


Once clean, travertine should be protected with wax or other protective products. These products often require polishing after application to remove residue.


The type of finish must be determined to choose the right maintenance and repair methods and chemicals.


There are products that will prevent adhesion of spray paint graffiti and help get rid of it. Removing graffiti often takes a combination of cleaning agent and machinery.


VCT Care


VCT Tile Stripping and Waxing Tampa services are widely used by commercial building owners. Commercial buildings used by the public such as grocery stores or department stores may use VCT tiles in large areas because of their economic cost and durability. How VCT flooring looks and performs will be determined by how it is installed, sealed, and finished. There are a right way and a wrong way to set up a VCT floor.


The correct way to treat a brand new VCT floor is to leave it to cure for about a week for the adhesive to dry and harden. Then, thoroughly clean it with a cleaner recommended by the VCT manufacturer. Then use compatible sealers and finishes from the manufacturer, let them dry, and then buff or burnish the floor depending on the finish. The completed floor should be maintained with the proper type and size of an automatic scrubber.


Vinyl Floors


Vinyl Flooring Strip and Wax Tampa services are also available. Sheet vinyl covers large areas without seams and is a choice for many areas such as medical labs that are concerned with sterile conditions and easy cleaning. ceramic floor tile do not want seams for dirt and germs to accumulate in. Vinyl floors are often coated with finishes to protect them and there can be a build up over time. This needs to removed periodically and redone.


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